Alain's Canopy Project (C-GPLL)

Here are some photo's of Alain's canopy project. This section will be updated as his project progresses. So far it really looks great.

Design Details

Tubing: 1/2" aluminum (.065" wall). Top of canopy is 12 inches at top center from instrument panel. Only 4 AN-7103-9 countersink screws are holding the center section in place ("and it is dammmm stiff"). They are held with large re-enforcement washers riveted inside with anchor nuts. Takes 3 minutes to remove or install. Center section is 1/8" Lexan. All those small screws holding the lexan on the frame will be replaced by countersunk ones so the front canopy, when sliding back, won't get scratched. Alain cut the lexan using a jig saw with a finishing blade. He drilled it using a regular drill bit. Screws holding the lexan to the frame are stainless sheet metal screws. Alain says, "You see, the lexan is not like plexyglass at all. You can work it just like metal. It take all the abuse of drilling cutting folding and doesn't break or snap on you". Sounds like lexan is the way to go.

note: images are arranged with most recent first

Done! Or as Alain would say, fini!


Front canopy latch (one on each side).

First photo shows front canopy closed from right side. This canopy lifts up then slides back. Note inset in first photo - this is a close-up of the lifting mechanism. Second photo shows left side of aircraft with front canopy lifted but not yet slid back.

Front canopy is fully back (as seen from right side). Note close-up of lifting mechanism.

In photos above note cardboard windshield template on left and installed lexan on right. Also note the leveled string at the top of canopy for aligning canopy elements.