Miscellaneous Design and Modification Details


Tail fairing detail (fairing is thin aluminum and is attached by sheet metal screws)


Double Duce 3757H - Mickey Crouch

The front seat shoulder harness arrangement on the Double Duce I purchased was unsafe in my opinion. The harnesses ran through a thin sheet of plywood which would fail at low g-loads. Also the harnesses were too low, which would cause compression of the spinal cord in an accident. I decided to make a modification to ensure maximum protection of my front seat passenger in an accident. My goal was to fabricate a bracket which could be bolted into place without any welding having to be done on existing structure. I used 3/4" 4130 square tubing with a wall thickness of .049" for the main structure. The existing structure at the bolt-on points, according to plans, is 3/4" 4130 round tubing with a wall thickness of .035". I fabricated attach brackets using 3/4" by .063" 4130 steel strips. The front station brackets are welded to the assembly. The rear section brackets are bolted onto the assembly. Four AN4 bolts and two AN5 bolts are used, as shown in the photos. Note also the additional strengthening of the assembly using two additional 3/4" by .063" 4130 steel strips welded on top where the tubing will be loaded in tension by the front seat passenger in an accident. All of the supplies needed can be purchased from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty. If you have questions you can e-mail me at mgc316@earthlink.net. --Mickey Crouch

Aileron and flap jig (both are the same construction) and landing light idea

C-GPLL (Canada) Alain DeHondt - Front seat and Pilot's seat (front and back) - cut from honeycomb fiberglass - solid and light.