Brad Thillmony's Exhaust Flex Joint (Bakeng Duce N6769)


Alain's Homebuilt Oil Cooler

The complete assembly cost less then $200 Canadian. That's about $130 U.S. He used a Volvo 740 late model oil cooler - $50 Canadian - and got a hydraulic shop to fabricate 2 hoses - teflon inside breaded stainless mesh. Good for 1500 psi. The adaptor is a machined one for homebuilt somebody gave him. It fits between the oil screen and the case. He made a little naca inlet just in front the cooler. Not very large, no drag at all and very efficient. 4 inch wide and 3/4 inch deep. 7 or 8 inch long. Installed and test flown. From the red line and over (245 deg +), he brought the temp back to 200 deg max when in pretty hot (95 deg) weather at constant 2500 rpm and giving it a hard time, climbing at near stall speed etc. Alain says, "too low a temp will keep moisture in oil so at 200 or 220 is still very decent and dry the water out. I'm very happy with that!". Another job well done, Alain.