Bakeng Deuce News

* Bakeng Deuce Condition Inspection Checklist

* Photos of the contruction of the newly designed Super Deuce. Click on Pictures then SUPER DEUCE.

* Unique new canopy design! Now, the Bakeng Deuce Airplane Factory has introduced a unique canopy to be available on the Super Deuces, or custom fabricated for existing Duce/Deuces. The new canopy opens forward like clamshells affording easy entrance and exit, full weather protection and quick removal and conversion back to open cockpit flying by simply removing two hinge pins. This long "wished for" modification now enables the plane to be flown year round, even in inclement weather.

* CAD Plans and Welded Fuselage are now available.


* We purchased the rights to the Bakeng Duce in March of 1999. The name was changed to "Deuce" to separate those aircraft built before and after. The new Deuce will incorporate the excellent design of the old Duce with improvements based on analyzing the aircraft and listening to builders who have built and flown them for the past thirty years.

* Design Improvements. The changes we are making are not structural, aerodynamic or for performance. They are changes only to enhance integrity, reliability, ease of construction or function. These changes include:

* Beef up fuselage behind the landing gear legs.
* Complete redesign and relocation of the rudder pedals, cables and toe brakes.
* Complete redesign of the elevator control (pushrods instead of pulleys).
* Completely new lift strut attachments (individual, like old Pipers).
* Different tail mount structure
* New attachments for turtle deck
* Entirely new rudder design and mount (it's removable now).
* New method of attaching cross wire bracing in front of front cockpit.
* Removal of all elevator pulleys and cables.
* Larger fuel tanks
* Comfortable, factory-built bucket seats

* CAD drawings of the original plans have been completed. Work is in progress now to incorporate the changes mentioned above into the new drawings.

* Workbook. To help strengthen the future of the Bakeng Deuce and make the whole project more enjoyable and, perhaps, even faster, we're taking a lot of pictures for a builder's workbook. How to mount the turtledeck, the cowls, how to rig (what to do in what order), how to mount the new seats, weight and balance, how to move items and recalculate.

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