Les Benson - Oshkosh Bound, 2003

"I was running late heading up to Kenosha from NE Ohio to stay at the Deuce factory for a couple days before Oshkosh. I decided to cut out my fuel stop in Indiana, punched in Kenosha in the GPS at South Bend and crossed the shore line as the sun was setting. Crossed 84 miles of the lake at about 44 miles off shore from Chicago at the widest. I took what I think is a beautiful pic of the sun setting across the lake on the Wisconsin border. The nose is pointed straight at Kenosha. Good thing I have a complete IFR vacuum system and night lights. When I told the Chicago center controllers that I was an open cockpit biplane (they would never figure out parasol) at SouthBend shoreline crossing the lake at 4500, they said "thats amazing" and we are here if you need us. Also at Oshkosh the Duce was one of 21 homebuilts selected to fly in front of the crowd in the homebuilt showcase."

Final approach to Oshkosh!

on the way home...

Les wouldn't send me the photo of his touch-and-go at Meigs:)