"About the middle of November an impromptu effort was made to get four deuce's together for a 1st (?) picture of this many in one spot. JW French, of the renowned 2005 USA cross country tour, flew over to Sam White's house at FD15, Tailwinds airport in Jupiter Florida. Also present were N86YP, recently sold to Bob Gomer, and N39796, newly acquired by Sam White, both currently located at his house. The final jewel in this little crown affair was to be the new Deuce's Wild by Craig Wilcox and Bob Gomer, but unfortunately the battery wasn't up to the occasion and it could not fly over to join the other three. We were happy to get together with JW and listen to some of his stories, along with his route depiction on a map. Present were JW, Craig Wilcox, Bob Gomer, Sam White, and Les Benson, who was a deuce owner and will be again. Thanks to JW for flying over on short notice, and we hope to be able to meet one weekend soon somewhere in the middle with all four deuces, say at Sebring, with cameras, of course. What a blast! -Sam White"